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If a child gets sick or injured while at My Learning Safari, center personnel will help him/her rest in a supervised location. If the injury/illness is serious or contagious, parents will be contacted immediately to pick up the child. Parents should keep the child at home if there is fever, vomiting, diarrhea, a skin rash, continuous headache, bad cold with a very runny nose or frequent cough, or any contagious disease. The child will be more comfortable recuperating in the home setting and this reduces the likelihood of others contracting the illness as well. Please consult your Family Policy and Procedures Handbook for specific illness recommendations.

Through routine exchange of information between staff members and family, the center can fulfill its goal of maintaining a safe and healthy learning environment by limiting exposure to communicable disease. Classroom postings will notify parents if children have been exposed to a communicable disease while at My Learning Safari as well as share signs, symptoms and other important information about the illness.