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The teaching staff at My Learning Safari is trained, responsible, respectful, and purposeful in handling and taking steps to prevent potential challenging behaviors. They evaluate and change their responses based on individual needs. When children have challenging behaviors, teachers promote pro-social behavior by:

  • -interacting in a respectful manner with all children
  • -modeling turn-taking and sharing as well as caring behaviors
  • -helping children negotiate their interactions with one another and with shared materials
  • -engaging children in the care of their classroom and ensuring that each child has an opportunity to contribute to the group
  • -encouraging children to listen to one another and helping them to provide comfort when others are sad or distressed

​For acts of aggression and fighting (biting, scratching, hitting) staff will set appropriate expectations for children and guide them in solving problems. This positive guidance will be the usual technique for managing children with challenging behaviors rather thanpunishing them for having problems they have not yet learned to solve. In addition, staff may: 1) Separate the children involved; 2) Immediately comfort the individual who was injured; 3) Care for any injury suffered by the victim involved in the incident; 4) Notify parents or legal guardians of children involved in the incident; 5) review the adequacy of staff supervision, appropriateness of program activities, and administer corrective action if there is another incident. We will keep the identity of the child who initiated the aggression confidential but will work with that child and his/her family to learn other ways to express feelings.