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​Curriculum/Programs Offered

My Learning Safari utilizes best-practice research through the integration of the Iowa Core Curriculum: Birth to Five Essential Concepts and Skills and Iowa Early Learning Standards in daily interactions with children. In addition, The Creative Curriculum is a widely used comprehensive curriculum based on child development and early childhood research and theory used to enhance learning in early childhood programs. The program guides teachers to create effective learning environments, individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners, teach across content areas, and accelerate learning through the inclusion of in-depth meaningful investigations of topics that interest children.

Children enrolled in the four/five year old program will also participate in character-building activities through the use of The Kindness Curriculum​ created by Judith Anne Rice. This program seeks to help preschool children develop compassion for others as they contribute to a supportive learning environment where children seek out the goodness in themselves and others.

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